Two Kitchens Supper Club & Cooking Class – Citrus Edition – 2nd & 26th February

REGISTRATION: [email protected] send us an email until 25 January latest for the first class and until 19 February latest for the second one.

WHEN: 2nd and 26th February, you choose! 2nd February from 19.30 until 22:00h; 26th February from 20:00 until 22:30h

WHAT: A cooking class to get to know new ingredients and cooking techniques or to just learn some basics. And later a seated dinner to meet new people and talk about your favourite places to eat in Brussels or anything non-food-related.

WHERE: In Sophia’s kitchen in Chatelain, Brussels.

WHO: Anyone who is keen to learn about food or just to eat it and who is a friend of flavours and aesthetics in the kitchen. Alone, with friends, colleagues, it’s up to you!

PRICE: 48 Euros, all included

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